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Ways to get Free Fire Moony Pet as a Free Reward

Free Fire Moony Pet: How to get Moony Pet as a free reward in Garena Free Fire? To keep the in-game experience fresh, Garena constantly adds new events and items to Free Fire.

Ways to get Free Fire Moony Pet as a Free Reward

In addition to new skins & characters, there are also in-game companions or ‘pets’ that accompany players during a match. Each pet has its own special powers that assist the player during gameplay.

One such new pet is Moony. Like all other pets, Moony also has its own skill called Paranormal Protection.

What is Moony Pet’s ability?

Free Fire Moony Pet

Moony  Pet Ability: 20% reduction in damage while the owner is in interaction countdown (e.g., using Med Kit, repairing, etc.).

How to get Moony Pet as a free reward?

During the event period, players who top at least 100 diamonds in their Free Fire account can claim Moony pet for free.

In addition, for a top-up of 300 Diamonds, players can obtain Crystal Mooney Pet Skin. In addition, players can own the Safari Riot Blueprint with a top-up of 1000 Diamonds.

The Moony Top Up event has started on May 25, and will go live until June 1, 2021. This means that players have one week to claim Moony Pet as a free reward.

Ways to obtain Moony pet in Garena Free Fire? Step by Step Guide

Steps are mentioned below:

1. Go to the in-game Diamond Top-Up section and select your desired Top-up.

2. After payment is done, go to the Event section and click on Moony Top-up.

Moony Top-up

3. Now click on the ‘Claim’ option besides to collect the respective reward.

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