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Why Free Fire Character DJ Alok even so Popular Today Within Us

Free Fire Character DJ Alok: Garena Free Fire has several characters in the game, and DJ Alok is possibly one of the most sought-after characters.

Why Free Fire Character DJ Alok even so Popular Today Within Us

In addition to DJ Alok, there are more than 30 other characters, and most of them have special abilities that assist players in the virtual battlefield. However, not all of them are as popular as DJ Alok. There are some characters that parallel DJ Alok’s ability, but still, they are not as famous as he does.

There are many reasons for the popularity of Free Fire Character DJ Alok. This article shares some of the major reasons why DJ Alok is one of the most acclaimed characters to date in Garena Free Fire.

Why Free Fire Character DJ Alok is so popular to date?


1. DJ Alok Amazing Ability


Why Free Fire Character DJ Alok is so popular

Well, no one can deny the incredible abilities that DJ Alok possesses. They have a versatile ability called Drop the Beat, which creates an aura of 5 meters and restores 5 hp/sec for five seconds and increases the speed of Allied movement by 10%.

When the character is leveled, his ability also increases. At the maximum level, at level 6, the 5m Aura increases Allied speed by 15% and compensates for 5 HP for 10 seconds.

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2. The one and only First Powerful Free Fire Character


When DJ Alok was first launched in Free Fire, there were very few options for players to choose another character that matched DJ Alok’s skill level.

DJ Alok is one of the earliest characters to have such a powerful ability, and the players who easily bought Alok became biased towards their skill displays.

3. DJ Alok Character Gifting Option


What makes Free Fire Character DJ Alok popular

Another reason for DJ Alok becoming way too popular is due to the occasion that this character can be gifted. Therefore, players who cannot buy DJ Alok have a chance to get the character as a cheap gift to date from popular YouTubers and Streamers or from anyone else.

4. Hype among Players


DJ Alok actually has some amazing HP restoration and speed-boosting capability. But the immense popularity led to a hype where almost every player today owns DJ Alok, and those who do not own the character are definitely aiming for him to join the promotional train only.

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