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With Twitter’s refusal, India will bring new social media rules

With Twitter’s refusal, India will bring new social media rules:

 With Twitter's refusal, India will bring new social media rules

Angered by the controversy with Twitter, India is now preparing to introduce new rules to keep social media companies under control.


According to the draft new rules prepared by the central government,

with the help of these, all the social media companies will force to remove the disputed facts as soon as possible and cooperate in the investigation.

Efforts are made by various countries worldwide to control powerful tech companies.

Facebook itself faced a confrontation with the government in Australia last week on the issue of revenue sharing. Facebook had to face criticism all over the world for banning news on its platform in Australia.

In India too, during the ongoing farmers’ agitation against the three new agricultural laws,

some tweets cited as the cause of unrest and the government directed Twitter to remove them and ban such Twitter handles.

Twitter refuses to obey the government’s order citing various rules.

New Delhi expresses its displeasure over this.

To avoid any such situation in the future and to control social media content,

the government has prepared ‘Intermediate Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code’.

These rules open the way to curb the arbitrariness of social media companies like Facebook-Twitter as well as web entertainment platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

According to the draft regulations

web companies will consider carefully and prudently the activities associated with any activity,

belief, or views of the racial or religious groups keeping in mind the multi-ethnic and multi-ethnic society of India. The new rules make it mandatory to provide age-related ratings and advice with web series content.

Facebook, Twitter, and the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology have not made any authorized comments regarding the drafts of these new rules.

Also, it has not been clarified when these rules will be implemented.

However, according to industry sources,

this will give a big blow to the investment plans of big tech companies in India.

There will be some new rules on social media:

  • Disputed content must remove from the platform within a maximum of 36 hours upon ordering.
  • In any investigation or cybersecurity incident, information must be given within 72 hours of the request.
  • Pornographic content or behavior-related posts to be removed within a day of the complaint.
  • Companies will have to deploy Chief Compliance Officer and Grievance Redressal Officer, who will be Indian citizens.

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