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Women stronger than men in fighting corona, survey on antibodies

Women stronger than men in fighting corona: Maharashtra is the most affected state of the coronavirus in the country. In such a situation, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has conducted a survey in the financial capital Mumbai, which has revealed that women have more antibodies to fight the coronavirus than men.

 Women stronger than men in fighting corona,  survey on antibodies

Explain, under this survey, blood samples are test to find out how many antibodies create against a virus in people. Experts say that due to lifestyle, men’s health is worse than that of women, so their immunity is also less. Explain that antibodies are create in the body only after many days of exposure to the coronavirus  pass.

36.50 percent of people develop antibodies


BMC has conducted the third serosurvey in Mumbai, in which antibodies have developed in 36.50 percent of people. A total of 10 thousand 197 people were screen in the serosurvey, which show that 35.02 percent of the antibodies found in men and 37.12 percent in women.

Last year, Mumbai was the most affected after the Corona infection started in the country. The BMC conducted the first serosurvey in July 2020 and the second in August 2020. After this, a third serosurvey was conduct in all 24 wards of BMC in March 2021. The statement issued by BMC said that this time a serosurvey was done for those who have not yet been given the anti-corona vaccine.

41.6% antibodies found in slums


In this survey, 41.6% of antibodies found in slums. While 57% of these settlements  found in the first survey in July and 45% in the second serosurvey in August. At the same time, the third serosurvey shows that 41 percent of the slum dwellers had corona infection. They did not even know that compared to those living in the building.

In the second wave of corona, 90 percent of corona-infecte housing societies  begin in Mumbai. The third serosurvey, antibodies found to  28.5% among those living in the building. In the first survey of people living in buildings, 28 percent and 18 percent in the second survey showed the appearance of antibodies. This shows that this time, compared to the previous survey, the immunity potential of people living in housing societies has increased.

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